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About Gena

Greater Englewood Neighborhood Association (GENA)


Is one of the city’s many civic organizations that bring citizens together in a common cause to advocate issues and an agenda to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods;

Founded in 1995, the Greater Englewood Neighborhood Association was organized as a community sounding board and conduit for community action for a neighborhood deeply concerned about road-widening, zoning, parks, drainage, flooding and other issues;

Through the years of its existence, the Greater Englewood Neighborhood Association has had a considerable impact in curbing neighborhood crime through the association’s active participation in ShAdCo meetings;

Its members conduct litter patrols to keep the neighborhood clean; they plant flowers and maintains signs at the neighborhood’s primary entrances; they participate in the Mayor’s Matching Grants program to garner funding for neighborhood beautification projects;

They created a small children’s park by reclaiming former JEA property;

In 2004 at the Mayor’s Neighborhood Summit, GENA was cited as “Neighborhood of the Year” and, in 2005 received from the City Council, a Resolution honoring and commending the Greater Englewood Neighborhood Association on the occasion of its Tenth Anniversary and for having reached the significant milestone in its history;

Believing in the axiom that there is unity in numbers, the Greater Englewood Neighborhood Association strives to keep the neighborhood abreast of issues and concerns that impact the entire neighborhood, they meet monthly to air those concerns and publish a newsletter keeping neighbors informed and aware.

Some of the above information taken from, City Resolution 2005-592-A

Past Presidents:
Suzanne Jenkins – Lowell Griffith – Vickie Kutscher – Jeanie Holler

Past Vice Presidents:
Bill Hagan – Lowell Griffith – Mel Snead – Betty Scherer –

                                                   Jadon McCauley - Mandy Butler -Billie Griffith

*SECPAC (Southeast Citizen’s Planning & Advisory Committee)

*ShAdCo (JSO’s Sheriff’s Advisory Council)

2015 Officers
Taghi Shoaei, President
Jeanie Holler, Vice President
Mark Patrick, Treasurer
Neil Sandage, Secretary

2015 Board Members
Billie Griffith, Membership Chair
*Ann Clapp, ShAdCo Rep.
*Taghi Shoaei, SECPAC Rep.